Romeo is a wild colored mule. We have packed Romeo everywhere you can pack camp on him elk bobcat or any other thing you need to pack out of the mountains. He is gentle and broke to ride

Tekashi is a 3 year old gelding.  Has 60 days of trainings.  Walks, lopes, trots in an easy fashion.  This quiet colt stands 15.1'


A 2 year old gelding.  Stands 15.1' and has 60 days riding.  He walks, trots, and lopes.  Chef is 3/4 draft and 1/4 quarter horse.  Chef is easy to shoe, slip, catch and load.

Meet Chica.... Two year old filly; has 60 days of riding.  Walks, Trots, Lopes and Moves off the leg pressure.  Chica is 1/4 standard bred; 1/4 draft and 1/2 blue valentine

Jackson is a 6 year old riding, gelded, donkey.  He stands 14.1' and is easy to catch, clip and load.  He is eager to please.

Pat and Pear  ....
A great 'been there done that' team.  They are very broke and gentle for anyone.  This team stands 16'

Cardi .....

4 year old standing 15'.  She has been used to pony colts and is extremely quiet minded.  She is eager to go where pointed.  She lopes, circles, breaks at pole and is a pleasure to be around

Katy .... A 4 year old stout mule.  She stands 15.3' and would be a great option for an outfitter.

Chris ....
7 years old.  Nice, stout, confident on the trail and easy to load, clip and shoe.  Chris is a pleaser and easy to get along with and stands 15.1.