Romeo is a wild colored mule. We have packed Romeo everywhere you can pack camp on him elk bobcat or any other thing you need to pack out of the mountains. He is gentle and broke to ride


Snowball is a 9yr old white horse mule. He is very broke and has been trail ridden all over.


Sally walker is a seven year old Bay Stocking leg mare mule. Extremely gentle safe good with her feet has been used for trail riding walk trot Lopes picks up both leads just a overall nice meal to be around


A nice 4yr old, black horse mule. He has been trail ridden all over the farm. Don't miss out on this nice young mule.

#42 & #43

Tina and Tommy are a great wagon team.  They are good mules and broke to drive.  Also rode some.


Bob is a 4 year old sorrel, gaited mule that has been trail ridden hundreds of miles.  He is traffic safe and is well broke.  He will go anywhere and do whatever you want him to do.


A nice 10yr old horse mule that has been trail ridden all over.


5 year old horse mule broke to ride, been on many trails and pack trips. 


3 year old sorrel, 40 day of riding lot of trail and road rides


14.1 Dune Jon Mule 100% Sound.  Broke and mostly been trail ridden.  Very good on the trail.


Stetson is a 6 year old buttermilk buckskin John Mule.  He is 100% sound and broke for almost anybody to ride.  He has been used to squirrel hunt and been trail ridden a ton.  Stetson is one good sharp looking individual that you won't want to miss!


6 year old horse mule standing 15.3 is gentle and broke for anybody!  He has been used in the stockyards penning cattle, pasture roped, sales sound, clips good and stands for farrier.


Hondo, 15.2 hands, gaited

Nice broke 5yr old dark bay mare mule. Broke to ride and drive. Has been ridden all over and used around cattle. He even pulled the kiddos in a sled during the most recent snow!


A 3 year old mare mule, sorrel with blaze.  June is 3 years old and is well started.  She has been trail ridden numerous miles.  She is learning how to side pass and back.  A nice young mule worth taking a hard look at!


Letty is a 5yr old, black with white legs, mare mule. She is a fancy mule that would be a nice show mule prospect. Would look great going English or Western. Stands for the farrier and sales sound.


Jada ia a 4yr old dark bay mare mule. She has been trail ridden all over and is easy to get along with. She is gentle in every way.


Ruth is a 15.3 hand molly. She is gentle and sweet and the first one to meet you at the gate. Ruth is an all around using mule with a lot of class. She is handy in the arena, on the ranch or trail. She has a really good handle and very smooth walk, trot and lope. This mule has handled wild mustangs at the end of the rope and is gentle enough for my 3 year old daughter to ride. She is big, beautiful and BROKE !


Trixie is a 4yr old bay mare mule. She has had lots of trail miles and has been trail ridden all over. Trixie is as gentle as they come!


Dixie is a 4 year old bay mare mule.  She is broke to ride.  She can neckrein, sidepass, back up and is good with her feet.


Trump is a coming 4 year old MFT 16’2hh John mule has had around 30 days of riding by a 15 year old young man and is doing very well most of Trump’s riding has been trails he was used to lead trails at salt creek ranch some of the 30 days he is a very good minded young mule


BigBooty Judy is a 16 hand molly and lives up to her name. She is big, beautiful and BROKE ! She has been ridden in the arena, on the ranch and trail. She can be handled easily by all levels of riders. She is an all around do anything kind of mule and moves very smoothly in the walk, trot and lope. From roping wild mustangs to riding around my 3 year old daughter this is the mule for the job.

Miller is a 2yr old dark bay horse mule. He is out of a nice appaloosa mare and the Rawhide jack. He is halter broke and was good for clipping. Nice young mule.


Justice is a 15 hand Molly mule that is brought to ride and pack


Cracker Jack is a gaited mule coming three this spring.  Look for a palomino with all the chrome.  He is very laid back and started well.  He has been mostly trail ridden is traffic safe.  An extremely nice young mule


Walking Rooster, a 5 year old, white gaited mule.  Has lots of trail riding miles.  He is traffic safe and can go all day.


Patsy is a molly mule around 14.2 hands she’s about as broke as they come. She has been trail ridden all over, has ridden in the arena several times. She works very well off of leg pressure. You won’t be disappointed in this little mule


Lou is a 14 year old, 14.1hh black roan mare mule. She has been trail ridden all over. She stands for the farrier and picks up all 4 feet easily. She is easy to clip and sales sound.


A sharp looking 7yr old, red horse mule. He has had lots of trail riding miles and has been used around the farm.

16 year old bay mule. Been on the farm and trail rode. Rides anyway and works to anything.


Cotton is a 9 year old Sorrel mare mule. She has been pack and ridden all over the mountains in Wyoming. Easy to clip. She loves people and sales sound.


Sadie is a 3 year old mare mule she stands at 14.2 she is a nice Quarter gait mule.  She lopes, takes her leads, side passes, and backs the best!  Have worked with throwing a rope off her and cracking a bull whip.  She is gentle and in your pocket. No buck, no bite, no kick, easy shoe and no spook.  She has been trail ridden, crosses water  and goes any where you point her head.  This mule has a great mind and will do anything asked of her. 


12 year old, 16.2 hand Percheron cross gelding. Broke to pack and ride. Has been used in an outfitter and ranch string since he was 3 years old. He is broke to hobbles and to a high line. He is easy to load and does can do all the things a broke horse should. Don't miss this one!


Broke to work and ride.  Very Gentle.

#16 John Henry

A 17 hand, 13 year old horse mule.  Black in color.  He is broke to ride, drive and pack.


A nice 6yr old, bay mare mule. She is broke to ride and drive. She has been trail ridden all over and has been used all around the farm.

Nice broke 5yr old dark bay mare mule. Broke to ride and drive. Has been ridden all over and used around cattle. He even pulled the kiddos in a sled during the most recent snow!

She is a black 3yr old gaited mare mule. She has been trail ridden and you can shoot a gun off her back. She can back up and stands good for her feet. Nice young mule.

Poky Dott is a nice quit gentle gelding standing 13.2 hand weighing 1000 pounds. Very stout made with a lot of bone. Poky is extremely bold on the trail GOES ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE YOU POINT HIM. Walk trot and canter.

Low Gear is a 15 Hand Bay Horse Mule, He will ride trails or behind a wagon. He is a quiet easy handling Mule. He is broke for anyone to ride


Kelsey is a very fancy palomino mule that is about to ride drive and pack. We have use this meal to feed with in the winter time with another mule. In the fall she goes hunting and gets packed or rode in the mountains. She’s a nice sized handy mule


Popcorn, 13 yr black/white pony

Popcorn is a 13 year old mare pony. Standing 52 inches
Popcorn is BROKE BROKE BROKE but NOT FOR YOU 5 year old that has never been on a horse or pony.
Popcorn has been shown in every event that they offer at the county and state shows. She knows the barrel and pole pattern
We pasture rope on her and she will drag anything you want to dally that she can pull.
Ride her double or single. Saddle or bareback doesn’t matter to Popcorn
She is traffic safe dog safe machinery safe
Popcorn does have fire to her. If you ask her to go, she is going to go. She stops when asked but for that reason I wouldn’t put my novice child on Popcorn.
Easy keeper. Her vice is she is a pony and can be difficult to catch in the field at times.
All in all if you want a show pony for some speed classes or want a cow pony for your young cowboy or cowgirl and they know how to ride Popcorn is THE REAL DEAL!!!!


Plane Jane is a sweet young mule she walk trots and lopes crosses water. Comes to pick you up on a mount. She is good in rough country. Rides great alone or in a group.

Pumpkin is a 14yr old, Sorrel mare mule. She is a straight gaited mule but does have what I consider a little shuffle that is a very pleasant gait. She is a sweet going easy natured gal. She is a pleasure to have around.  Pumpkin has 0 issue in the stall. No cribbing, weaving, or acting up. A clean mule in the barn.   Pumpkin is easy caught in the field. You do not have to chase her all over Gods creation to get her caught. I just shake the feed bucket and running she comes.  Pumpkin is not skittish of her ears. She stands calmly to tack and untack.  You can pick her feet up with ease.  Pumpkin has had lots of trail miles, including overnight and week long rides. She will ride off alone or in the group.  She is what I consider broke for any level rider with basic mulemanship sense. She is a lady that I let my daughters ride and you can bank on the fact I put them on NOTHING that I feel would even cause me a glimmer of worry.  Check Pumpkin out if you are looking for a solid no nonsense trail mule.


Baby doll is a black molly 17 years old.  She is a two time world champion gaited mule. Babby is 100 percent sound, is naturally gaited, been shown and ridden allover KY, TN, MO, IL.


Miss Lucy is a 14.2 hand 8 year old molly. She’s broke for any level of rider and works well in the arena, on the ranch and trail. She has a good soft handle, you can open and shut gates from her back, rope off of her , go rock hopping or just gait down the trail. She is very much a people loving mule and always the first to meet you at the gate. She is very well seasoned and does well even with time off. Miss Lucy is a been there done that kind of mule, she’s been to training competitions helping me start colts and she’s been a star in the fun shows many times. She can handle a wild mustang on the end of the rope or a mean momma cow. She is beautiful and broke!!!!


BB (Blue Bonnet) is a bay roan, 8 year old mare mule. RARE color!! She is a sweet mule that is broke to ride on the trails and fancy in the arena as well. She has been used to track cattle and I have roped off of her some. You can crack a bullwhip and shoot guns around her. She is 15 hands and built to carry you all day long. Would make a great trail mule or ranch mule for anyone.


A four year old sorrel mare mule.  May is started well.  She has already learned to side pass and back.  She has lots of trail riding miles.  Mary is a nice young mule ready for a personal touch.


Sadie is an extremely quiet nice and gentle mare mule.  She stands 16.1 hands tall and has been used to trail ride and pony others.  She walks, trots, cantors, crosses water and is good in rough country.  She is good with her feet and easy to catch.

#19 Omega
This is awesome mule finished trail ranch mule. Won a few trail classes and ready to go to the show. Been in the mountains riding packing.

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