Romeo is a wild colored mule. We have packed Romeo everywhere you can pack camp on him elk bobcat or any other thing you need to pack out of the mountains. He is gentle and broke to ride

The fields at Greenwood Farms can be found dotted with mules of all types year round.  Rufus, Dickie and Richard keep around a hundred head of stock at all times on hand.  These mules range in talent from the perfect draft mule to yearlings to show mules to trail mules to pack mules, etc, etc, etc.  Therefore, this page has been set aside as a special place to drop in pictures of stock that are on hand or a place for you to let us know what your needs are in the mule industry.

Whether looking for that special 'longeared' friend for work, play or show - start your search with the top mule dealers in the industry - Reese Mules

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