Reese Brothers Mules is a fourth generation family run company.  Sales take place the second Saturday of January, February, March, October, November.  There is a specialty sale the second Friday of January known at the Colt Sale and a sale during the Great Mule and Donkey Celebration at Shelbyville in July each Year.

Upcoming Sale Schedule


Romeo is a wild colored mule. We have packed Romeo everywhere you can pack camp on him elk bobcat or any other thing you need to pack out of the mountains. He is gentle and broke to ride

Each upcoming sale will have a button posted on the front page that will give you immediate access to consigned stock or equipment (October sale).

Also on the individual sale page will be the live link to watch the sale online as it gets close to sale time.

Any current information on the riding mule sale (March) or the colt sale (January), etc will be posted on these individual sale pages.

Once a sale has passed it will be moved to the history section along with all of the photos of the sale. 

October 8, 2016 - Mule & Equipment Sale

    Equipment sales at 9am; Mules at 1pm

November 12 2016 - Mule Sale 10am

January 14 2017 - Colt Sale 10am; work mules 12

       noon; all others will follow

February 11 2017 - Mule Sale 10am

March 11 2017 - Annual Riding Mule Sale 10am