Romeo is a wild colored mule. We have packed Romeo everywhere you can pack camp on him elk bobcat or any other thing you need to pack out of the mountains. He is gentle and broke to ride

Vivian Reese plays a large role in Reese Brothers Mules and Tennessee Mule Sales.  Vivian, married to Rufus, can be found checking in mules prior to sale time, then during the sale she will be busily located beside of the auctioneer throughout the sale.  She wears many hats in the family business but her compassion for people and the animals show true everyday as she takes part in a business that is much enjoyed.  One of Vivian's passions is riding her show mule JFK - especially when it means a blue ribbon ride.   As for her specialty in the family business, some might say tolerance and patience; in all sincerity this lady is as sharp as the boys when it comes to the 'longeared' business.

Enjoys the stock side of the business.  Rufus can be found in the sale ring during a sale encouraging that last bid or outside before the sale making a 'good deal' for Reese Bros. Rufus enjoys finding the perfect pair of mules for a buyer or seeing a seller going home with the highest price possible from a Tennessee Mule Sale.

Buying and selling mules is not just a trade or business to Rufus it is a hobby as well.  Every now and again, one will find Rufus all spiffed up and riding in the show ring.  This too is a Reese family tradition and legacy that lives on from generation to generation.

Do not misunderstand, Rufus can step into the paper work role when necessary and keep all running smoothly as this is what makes this business successful.


The FOURTH Generation or NEXT Generation of Reese Mule Traders / Business Partners coming into the business world begin to make a name for themselves during 2012 and 2013 as Richard and Rilla Reese, Rufus' son and daughter entered the business world and mule industry with a bang..

Rilla Reese passed her 'boards' early in 2013 and is now Dr. Rilla Reese, DVM, set to begin practicing in May 2013.  Dr. Rilla Reese Hanks, DVM has a growing business and is a well acknowledged veterinarian.  Of course, one of Rilla's favorite hobby's remains showing mules.  Rilla can still be found working in the family business on sale days at the check in, sale ring, management office, etc.   

Richard Reese has been exhibiting his talents for breaking, showing and buying mules for several years while working in the shadow of his father and uncle.  As with his father and uncle, Richard is being taught all aspects of the family business.  During 2012 Richard made his first trip to Red Bluff California with a load of top quality mules on behalf of Reese Mules.  As to Richard's specialty ..... trainer, exhibitor, bookkeeper, consultant, salesman and the list goes on.

SPECIAL NOTE:  As stated above in an update, Richard became full partner January 1, 2015 with Rufus and Dickie.

Dickie enjoys the business side of Reese Brothers.  Dickie can be found in the Business Office during a sale making sure all buyers and sellers are ready for the sale prior too and are checked out as quick as possible when the sale is over.   Dickie enjoys not only protecting Reese Mules from an Office Management view that is so mandatory in today's society to stay on top in the industry. 

Dickie also takes great pride in protecting the buyers and sellers of TN Mules Sales.  At the customer base has grown over the years, this responsibility has grown into a full time job for the office staff.  But don't be surprised when he can sneak into the sale arena and linger, you will see Dickie stay just as long as possible to enjoy the comrodary of the sale.

As with Rufus, do not be mislead, he can spot a top pair of mule as quick as his brother.

When you do business with "Reese Mules" it is basically 'all in the family'!  The Reese Brothers have found the key to a successful business over the years in the mule industry through hard work, honesty and dedication.  They continue these traits today as well as "keep it all in the family".  Meet the Reese Family that runs Reese Mules today and the generation that will be taking over Reese Mules in years to come.....

As of January 1, 2015 the 4th Generation Reese (Richard, son of Rufus) stepped in as a full partner in Reese Bros Mule Company.  Many who have followed Reese Mules over the years know, Richard, has been well groomed for this position.  He has worked with Rufus in the buying process thru the sale ring many years and what many may not realize he has also worked with Dickie in the management process as well in preparing to continue a tradition.  Richard has traveled many miles buying and selling, representing Reese Mules, competing in events and studying what it takes to better Reese Mules in today's fast beat society but at the same time staying on track with traditional mule trading.  Richard intends to stay faithful to the Reese Tradition set forth by his great grandfather and held strong by his father and uncle today; at the same time Richard looks forward to the opportunity of hitching to the wagon and doing his part in bringing new business to Reese Bros Mules.

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