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8yr HM  15'1 Black Roan

Kids say "he's plum all right"

Big John

6yr HM 15'3 Bay

Great all around mule


8yr HM 14'3 Sorrel

Diamond in the Rough


5yr HM 15'1 Bay

"Does it all"


7yr MM 14'3 Sorrel

"If You Want to Own The Best!"


8yr MM 15' Bay

"Does It All"

Reese Bros Mules

Reese Brothers Mules is a fourth generation family run company.  Sales take place the second Saturday of January, February, March, October, November.  There is a specialty sale the second Friday of January known at the Colt Sale and a sale during the Great Mule and Donkey Celebration at Shelbyville in July each Year. 

Reese Mules trades, buys and sales mules year round all over the country.   The Reese Family Farm is located at 398 Dry Fork Road, Gallatin TN 37066 and makes it a goal to keep an inventory of riding mules for show and trail, draft mules for work and show, as well as pack mules or wagon mules.

Thank You for visiting Reese Mules!

Each mule name below links to an information page with picture and video.  Following the mule info you will find an email form to contact me directly, a link back to our website, & my phone number. Call any time if you have questions or need more details. 
                Cindy for Reese Mules 615-904-5356